Cardpool COVID-19 Update for 5/7

Updated 1 month ago by Brian Spring

The Texas shelter-in-place order expired on April 30th at 11:59 PM, and select retail businesses were allowed to re-open at 25% capacity the next day.  Under current Dallas County orders (which are more strict than the state's), we are allowed to re-open our facility.  However, the number of confirmed cases in the county continue to rise.

For the safety of our employees and their families, we will continue to work from home until we feel it is safe for the staff to return to the facility.

There are a few employees who have volunteered to enter the facility sporadically throughout the week.  They will work on sorting through all of the unprocessed mail we received after the shelter-in-place order went into effect.

The agents will try to process orders on a first-mailed basis, using the postage print or cancelation date as the sorting criteria.  We are doing this to ensure those of you who have been waiting for the longest time either have your gift card purchased or returned to you first.

If you purchase a paper gift card, we will email you a printable link.  If you buy a plastic gift card, we will email you the card number and PIN if we can verify there is a way to use it online or in-store.  This practice will continue until the facility returns to regular operation.  If you require the plastic card, please let us know after we process your order, and we will try to mail it to you within a week.

The processing of electronic gift cards remains uninterrupted.

Please be safe and stay healthy.

The Cardpool Team

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