New Buying and Selling Experience - LAUNCHED!

Updated 2 weeks ago by Brian Spring

We launched our new site for buying and selling gift cards!!!

There are still a lot of improvements coming, but for our returning buyers and sellers, here is a breakdown.

Accounts on the old and new systems:
  • If you are an existing user, you may have noticed that your login does not work on the new system. Please create an account on the new system instead of doing a guest checkout. Over the next several weeks we will be migrating user accounts and order history.
  • The Cardpool mobile wallet is still operational but will be discontinued shortly. Please copy the information from your wallet and store it in a secure location as soon as possible.
Buying a gift card:
  • We have a new "In-Stock" group that displays all of the products we currently have in stock. This makes it easy for you to find what we have, instead of clicking brands to find available gift cards.
  • There will be a lot of interface improvements over the next several weeks. So be on the lookout for a more streamlined display and add-to-cart experience.
  • Currently, only digital gift cards are available. We will eventually resume selling plastic gift cards.
  • We are no longer directly emailing gift card information. You will receive a unique link for each gift card ordered. Access to the link is secured by an SMS verification code, sent to the mobile phone provided with your order.
Selling a gift card:
  • We are currently only accepting cards that we can validate instantly.
  • Payouts have been increased, but you will be able to select how you are paid. Payment by ACH is currently the only option, but we will soon be adding MoneyGram, PayPal, and a few digital gift card options. Fees will apply to certain payment methods.
  • A transaction is limited to a single gift card. We are working on adding the ability to submit more than one gift card at a time.
Known issues:
  • Order fulfillment has been sluggish. We know you want your gift cards quickly. Our goal is to refine the fulfillment engine so orders will process and deliver in minutes.

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