What happened to the kiosks?

Updated 4 months ago by Brian Spring

We decided to shut down our kiosk network. Our new sell process supports more payment options, including MoneyGram. While it may not be as fast as getting cash from a customer service counter, it is a good alternative. Also, by removing the kiosk network, we are able to pay higher rates for gift cards. We deduct a MoneyGram payment fee from your payout, which ends up being more than you earn at a kiosk.

For example, let's say you were selling a $100 Best Buy gift card at a kiosk, your payout would be approximately $55 in cash. Through our online sell process, we would typically pay $85. To obtain a MoneyGram, you pay a $10 fee, leaving you with $75. That is $20 more than you would have gotten from a kiosk!

Looking for kiosks for your business? We have a large stock of Cardpool kiosks that can be reprogrammed and repurposed for anything you can dream up! Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

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