What type of gift cards does Cardpool accept?

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NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the varying operational states of the retail brands, we are constantly adjusting the brands we buy and sell.

We accept many popular gift card brands. The best way to determine if we are accepting a brand is to go to our sell page and search for the brand you want to sell.

We have a minimum balance requirement that varies by brand but generally ranges from $15 to $25. The gift card must be free of restrictions. Some examples of restrictions: registered cards, non- transferable cards, promotional cards, paper cards, or cards with dormancy fees. If you are unsure if we will accept your card, email support before initiating the transaction.

If you accept our offer, it is not binding and can be canceled by you or us prior to our final acceptance decision.

We will perform an additional review before making the final decision to purchase your gift card. This decision can take up two business days, and we may contact you during that time. Once we accept your gift card, we issue payment within one business day, unless your account is new. New accounts are subject to a payment hold of up to two extra business days.

Once payment is issued, the timing to receive the payment is dependent upon the payment method selected and the accuracy of the information you provide. For example, if you select ACH as your payment method, and you incorrectly input your account number, routing number, or both, the payment will take several days to be returned to us before we can reissue it with the corrected information you supply.

WARNING: You may be subject to criminal charges if:

  • you submit your gift card to multiple exchanges at the same time.
  • you sell your gift card elsewhere or use it after submitting it to us without canceling your transaction.
  • you sell your gift card elsewhere or use it after our final review, acceptance, and payment for the transaction.

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