Where are my gift cards?

Updated 2 months ago by Brian Spring

There are 3 variations of gift cards that we sell.  Electronic gifts are sent via email to your Cardpool account email address.  Physical gifts, which are either paper or plastic, are mailed via USPS First Class Mail.

The link to an electronic gift card is provided in the shipping email. To retrieve the gift card click the link. You will be prompted to confirm your mobile phone. This is the same phone number that was provided during checkout. When you submit the phone number, we will match it to your order and send you an SMS with a 6-digit verification code. Enter and submit the 6-digit code to view the gift card.

If your order contains a mixture of electronic and physical gift cards, you will not receive the electronic gift cards until the physical gift cards in your order are ready for packaging and mailing.

Shipments of physical gift cards originate from our North Central Texas processing center and typically arrive in 3-5 business days from mailing.  However, deliveries may take longer if you live in rural areas, or if your address is out-dated or incorrect.

Always make sure you are providing a current and properly formatted US mailing address to ensure timely delivery.  This includes adding appropriate street designations (Street, Avenue, etc.), cardinal directions (N/S/E/W), and apartment or suite numbers to the address.

NOTE: During the pandemic, paper gift cards are being converted to digital delivery and plastic gift cards are picked, packed, and mailed once per week. Tuesday is typically the day that plastic orders are fulfilled, so if you order on Tuesday evening, it will be a full 7 days before your order is processed and mailed.

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